Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mtn free fastlink browsing, free glo , zain modem,free phone modem browsing

DO you have a desktop or laptop and you are looking for how to connect it to th internet using your mtn fastlink ,glo modem,zain modem etisalat modemor nokia phone to browse free on the mtn network the you need to get any of these modem or good nokia phone and some bypassing software installed on ur system then you are good to go. to get the best out of it you need to use a 3g modem or 3g enabled phone and u are within a 3g coverage area
this is when you can browse @ the speed of 3g

GPRS could provide data rates from 56 kbit/s up to 114 kbit/s.while 3g could provide up to 7.5mb/s speed, It can be used for services such as high speed browsing and for Internet communication services such as email and World Wide Web access. GPRS data transfer is typically charged per megabyte of traffic transferred, MTN AND ZAIN data communication via traditional circuit switching is billed per minute of connection time, independent of whether the user actually is utilizing the capacity or is in an idle state.but with this software installed on your system and configured then you can browse free and say bye bye to data plan

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  1. FREEDOM TO BROWSE:MTN AND ZAIN ,ETISALAT AND MULTILINKS NOKIA MODEM,ZAIN MODEM AMD MTN FASTLINK -----The i .p and softwares for free pc free browsing works both on mtn fastlink usb modem and as well as phone modem ,
    u can now browse free at the speed of light with the 3g modem free of charge
    ---i make research using dns servers an and sofware to bypass network restrictions for free browsing on pc and laptops on zain.mtn and etisalat network . You need a gprs enabled phone ;nokia connected to your laptop or pc nokia pc suite,, the next thing is to install the software which will help you to bypass network restrictions and censorship thereby giving you free access to the net,these software acts as a bypassing tool which opens and channel all your internet browsing activities through a tunnel or loop hole in the network, which makes it easy for the user to browse free on the zain,mtn and etisalat network ,,the price of the sofware and configurations is N2500 if you are not satisfied i give you back your money if you want to meet me face2face so i can config it for you ok. i stay in Lagos better for Lagosians .but if you stay outside lagos i can still send you the settings and the software with the proxy softwares with the configuratins manual for easy installations. various sofwares eg indian web proxy and other high speed servers that offers unlimited bandwith and download are also available ,,, (2) This is about the recent change in the zain gprs network
    I made some research to get another sofware which could be used to bypass network restrcitions
    And give the user free access to the gprs network
    And due to the fact that fdm software is having some problems with zain network under http mode
    And it has very poor connectivity to fdm servers
    I developed another system of browsing in the zain nework
    This system utilizes the opera rendering technology to bypass censorship on the zains network
    And give you free access to the zain network on your pc and laptops
    It’s a pretty cool sofware to use and renders pages with ease and faster than y.fdm software
    This package which I give out comes with a user manual or guide for easy installtion on your system
    And I give this package out at the price of N2500. you call call me (martinz) on 08037902606
    I still have the MTN free browsing for laptop and desktop and this package is for N2000
    Because some people would want to see me face to face for the configuration
    Is ok, I stay in lagos and u can come to my place or I come to ur place
    But if u stay outside lagos , the package will be sent to ur e mail with the user guide for easy installation
    I also creat and mode opera mini for mobile phones using state of the art softwares thereby
    Making these opera mini suitable for nigerian network for free browsing on most nokia phones you can download the by visiting my home page www.mtnzainpcbrowsing.blogspot.com
    You can call me (martinz) on 08037902606 for the packages